• 365 Medical provides on sight medical support to the film industry

  • 365 Medical provides oversight to location shoots

  • 365 Medical can provide support to VIPs

  • 365 Medical provides medical oversight to concerts and events

  • 365 Medical can provide medical oversight to concerts/events

Standby On-Site Medical Services

3SIXTY5 Medical focusses on providing an on-site Medical solution that is tailored to the needs of your situation. Whether its First aid services, Paramedics, Advanced Life support or Standby Physician services, we coordinate with you to develop a cost effective solution while ensuring extremely high standards of medical care. We are well positioned to support the need of:

  • Film Industry / On Location
  • Medical Oversight
  • Mass Gatherings / Concerts / Events
  • VIP support
  • Onsite oversight in support of Pandemic safety