• 365 Medical provides concierge medical services

  • 365 Medical provides Clinical Care Advocacy to aging parents

  • 365 Medical provides direct Telemedicine consultations

  • 365 Medical provides visitor access to Medical professionals

  • 365 Medical can arrange private nursing or other professional care

Concierge Medical Services

Being sick and injured while travelling away from home is an anxiety provoking experience and adds to the already stressful situation of being unwell. 3SIXTY5 Medical is available to reduce this stress by providing a friendly voice and specialized medical knowledge to assist in managing your medical condition.

This service is provided through:

Direct Telemedicine consultation

  1. For Visitors to Canada or
  2. For Canadians travelling internationally

Hotel Visit Services

  1. Access to Medical Professionals when visiting Canada or
  2. Canadians Traveling Domestically in Emergency Situations

Clinical Care Coordination / Navigation

Assisting patients navigate the Canadian healthcare system to ensure advocacy

  1. Arranging Private Nursing or other Professional Care
  2. Providing reports on Family Members